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Banksia spinulosa

Banksia spinulosa  
Hairpin Banksia   

Comments, Features & Uses:

Variable, small to medium, multi-stemmed shrub with narrow dull green leaves that have a whitish underside. Flowers appear in summer, autumn and winter and are small, tubular, bronze or honey-coloured with black or dark red styles, arranged in cylindrical spikes, 5-20cm long. Fruits are narrow cones that retain the seeds. Good bird attractor for nectar feeding and seed eating. Can be used as a garden specimen, informal hedging or tubs.

  • ‘Birthday Candles’

Naturally Occurring:                    



1-3m h x 2-3m w/ 100mm cal.


Prefers full sun and its natural habitats are the open forests of the coast and tablelands of eastern Australia.

Coastal Tolerance:                

Resistant to salt spray.

Soil Requirements:

Grows well in soils ranging from light through to moderately heavy with good moisture and drainage.

Moisture Requirements:

Regular watering is required until established in suitable conditions. Will require watering during long, dry periods.

Temperature Range:

Frost tolerant.

Maintenance and Fertiliser Requirements:

Pruning generally not necessary if plant is in an open position. Should naturally form a rounded shrub. Any fertiliser should be low in phosphorus and lime.

Pests and Diseases:

No specific pest or disease problems.

Spacing Guide:

1-2m apart.

Typical Container Sizes Available:

140mm, 200mm and 300mm.

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