The 2013 Landscape conference is being held this weekend in Melbourne and I’m really looking forward to attending.  This will be the first year I have attended but I have heard great reports about the conference and the garden tour that is also on offer.

I have wanted to visit “Karkalla”, the Fiona Brockhoff garden for years  and Musk Cottage will also be a highlight as well as the Cranbourne Botanical Gardens which  I believe is terrific….what a great concept to have a garden tour before a landscape design conference!

It is a great opportunity for us all to listen and be inspired by designers of such experience and creativity. I can’t wait to listen to Juan Grimm and Raymond Jungles in particular.

As well as great speakers and a terrific location it’s a unique opportunity to get together and discuss our hopes and fears for the year ahead.


I hope to see you there.