The Landscape NSW and ACT (LNA) Christmas Party was held at Customs House in Circular Quay this year.  Guests paid $50 per ticket with all proceeds going to the charity HeartKids NSW.  In total the LNA Christmas party raised $8,000 for HeartKids NSW!

This is one of the big nights for the landscape industry.  Invitations are sent to all LNA members and also Landscape Design and Landscape Architect owners and managers.  This party has emerged as a great event where LNA members can unwind and chat informally to their peers, friends, competitors and customers.

About 175 guests attended the party.  Once again Alpine hosted the party.  A lot of planning and organization goes into these parties.  The venue looked terrific with plant displays and lighting.  We were fortunate that the venue had a large balcony where guests could watch storms pass over and also a fireworks display to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Sydney Opera House.

The atmosphere was electric with a great mix of food, company, venue and entertainment.  Everyone seemed to be happy to have a couple of drinks and dance the night away.  The party was a nice break from what has been a very busy period for the landscape industry.

It’s been a good year for the LNA with a significant increase in membership numbers, a new website and training program to name just a few.  During the formalities on the night Matthew Leacy from Landart Landscapes spoke about the need for members to get behind training and invest in staff and embrace change as the landscape industry will look very different in the future which will bring opportunities.

Ron Berkelmans from the LNA thanked everyone for their hard work and dedication throughout the year and Peter Knox from Alpine Nurseries spoke about the need to increase professionalism, price and standard within the landscape industry.

LNA members are fortunate to have the services of Joanne Aquilina and Rebecca Bain at the LNA.  They were the driving force behind many LNA initiatives this year.  We look forward to working with Joanne and Rebecca next year.