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What Alpine does for staff training

| in Staff Training.

You might think that because Alpine is a production nursery we only offer Horticulture training.  Whilst Horticulture training and skills are very important to a production nursery we also require staff with strong skills and… Read more »

Funding for Industry Training

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Training is not high on the list of priorities for most businesses.  Often the costs seem to outweigh the benefits.  But if you start to dig a bit deeper there are several funding opportunities for… Read more »

Pot Return Program

| in Industry.

In July 2011 Alpine introduced a used pot return program for customers.  The program has been very successful.  So far we have picked up, counted and cleaned approximately 242,000 pots from customers ready to re-use… Read more »

Pre-Grow Contracts

| in Themed Landcapes.

The crucial element to assure availability of stock you will need is commitment to contract growing. Through planning ahead with us as your partner we can help secure all of the plants that you need,… Read more »

National Standard Update

| in Industry.

Australia needs a national tree standard that can be adopted by all stakeholders including Landscape Architects and Designers, Landscape Contractors, Nurseries and clients responsible for public spaces, namely Councils and Government Organisations. It will help… Read more »

Balanced Gardens

| in Themed Landcapes.

One of the few benefits of mature age is some experience and the ability to have seen several trends come and go. In this article we focus on trends in garden design and challenge some… Read more »

Trace elements

| in Plant Nutrition.

Trace elements are elements that are vital to plant growth but only required in minute amounts. The main TE’s metabolized by plants are Boron, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum, Zinc and Chlorine. Their role in plant… Read more »