Alpine Arcadia

Arcadia is a growing site used mainly as a holding bay for freshly potted stock. Once a batch comes online it is transported to Dural and becomes available for sale.

Alpine Arcadia is located in a beautiful rural area only 10 short minutes away from the main site at Dural. It is a large, open, sun-drenched site with a large dam, making it ideal to grow top quality plants.

Alpine Arcadia grows a large range of plants in sizes from 200mm up to 100ltr including deciduous trees as well as evergreen magnolias and conifer varieties.

There are currently 3 enthusiastic staff dedicated to grow plants of a high standard. Staff from the Dural site join the Arcadia team during potting runs and when extra help is required.

When stock at Arcadia is ready for sale it is then transported to Alpine Dural for sale.

Ken Bevan

General Manager
 (02) 9651 0908