Acer palmatum

Japanese Maple


Small deciduous tree with an open, vase-shaped crown when young, maturing to a dome-shaped canopy. Grown for its ornamental foliage and form, it has bright green, deeply palmate lobed leaves that turn orange/ red in Autumn. The flowers are very small and the fruits are a pair of attractive winged samaras.  Well drained soil is preferred and protection from hot westerly winds essential. Makes an excellent lawn specimen or container specimen with root systems that are compact and not invasive. Surprisingly hardy, Acer palmatum grows strongest when not over-fertilised.


DimensionsHeight: 6 to 8m, Width: 3m
Aspect Part shade
Pests & diseasesAphids may need to be sprayed when new growth is coming through after winter dormancy.
Typical sizes200mm, 400mm, 25ltr, 100ltr, 200ltr

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