Hymenocallis littoralis

Beach Spider Lily, Spider Lily, Peruvian Daffodil


A vigorous, evergreen, bulbous species with narrow, dark green, strap-like leaves. Exotic, faintly fragrant, white flowers have extremely long, narrow, hanging petals with a central membranous cup stretched between the stamens. The biggest flush of flowers appears at the start of the rainy season from mid-Summer to late Autumn and there are up to 8 flowers on each flower stalk. Grows best in full sun to part shade in soil that has been enriched with organic matter and drains well, but will tolerate poorer conditions. A very tough and undemanding plant that will also tolerate coastal sites. Suitable for Cottage or Tropical style gardens, planted in drifts, alongside driveways or paths, in tubs, or in garden beds.


DimensionsHeight: 0.5 to 0.7m, Width: 0.7m
Aspect Full sun
OriginLatin America
Pests & diseasesNo major problems
Typical sizes140mm, 200mm

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