Strelitzia juncea

Rush-leaved Strelitzia, Narrow-leaved Bird of Paradise, Crane Flower


A slow-growing, highly sought after, drought resistant plant with grey-green, tall, rush-like leaf stalks. As younger plants they look very similar to Strelitzia reginae but as they age the paddle, or leaf, grows smaller and disappears, and they grow into the rush or reed stage. It bears the same striking orange and purple bird-like flowers as Strelitzia reginae. Will grow in full sun to part shade, preferring a moist, well-drained, enriched soil. Water deeply in warmer months but allow to become drier during Winter. Tolerates very hot conditions as well as light frosts. Popular as a structural feature in Contemporary or Tropical style landscapes and is also good in pots and in Xeriscape gardens. Maintain moisture at all times if grown in pots. Keep tidy by removing spent flower heads and old leaves.


DimensionsHeight: 1.2 to 2m, Width: 1m
Aspect Full sun
OriginSouth Africa
Pests & diseasesNo major problems
Typical sizes300mm, 400mm

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