Castle Hill Street Upgrade

Project completed by Alpine Nurseries in 2011.

One of the main aims of the Castle Hill Main Street project in 2010 was to beautify a stretch of Old Northern Road running through the centre of the Castle Hill shopping precinct.

Works included new paving, seating, lighting and a series of community spaces.

Alpine Nurseries was awarded the pre-grow contract to supply mature trees, shrubs and groundcovers in July 2010.

Planting was completed in April 2011 and all of the plants are showing great signs of vigor which has helped to realise the initial vision of the project.

The photos  show the progressive pre-grow cycle that was adopted to supply the required stock within a nine month timeframe.

In response to the short time frame, field grown stock was hand selected, prepared, dug and delivered to Alpine Dural.

The trees were immediately potted into 1000ltr containers, held and maintained.  The applied methodology enabled supply of super advanced stock while avoiding the typical setback period which can occur with direct planting Ex-Ground specimens.

Featured plants

  • Pre-grow contract
  • 1000 ltr containers