IKEA Tempe

Project completed by Landscape Solutions in 2011.

The new Ikea store at Tempe opened in November 2011 and is the largest free-standing retail store in the Southern hemisphere on 39,000 square metres.

Landscape Solutions was awarded this high profile landscape contract. It required fast turnaround and high attention to detail.

The site is in close proximity to Sydney airport and located directly under a flight path. This meant plant selection incorperated a large variety of grasses, understory plants and small trees rather than large eucalypts or other specimens which could present a problem for low flying aircraft.

Alpine delivered approximately 40,000 plants in various sizes to this site in a staggered roll-out involving a number of deliveries.

Featured plants

  • 9,000 virotubes including: poas, carex and juncus
  • 24,000 x 140mm including: Dianella, Grevillea bronze rambler, Liriope evergreen giant, Lomandra, Phormium tenax, Philodendron ‘Xanadu’, Acacia and Banksia.
  • 5,600 x 200mm including: Dietes, Callistemon, Buxus, Doryanthes and Metrosideros
  • 500 x 300mm including: Cupaniopsis, Syzygium luehmannii, Syzygium ‘Select Form’ and Tristaniopsis laurina
  • 120 x 75ltr including: Fraxinus griffithii, Melaleuca leucadendron, Pittosporum rhombifolium and Lophostemon confertus