Prestige residential landscape

Project completed by Secret Gardens in 2011.

Positioned on the water, this striking, modern residence required a garden design that was equally stunning.  Landscaping closest to the house was uncomplicated to not detract from the view.

At water level diversity was introduced with predominately native plants with varying shades of green through to greys and silver. The success of this garden design was achieved by keeping it simple and exercising restraint.

Alpine Nurseries worked along with the designers from Secret Gardens on this residence to provide unique mature specimen plants to site, along with providing the plant material on the rest of the site, to create an elegant and simple garden that complemented the architectural design of the property.

Alpine Nurseries was able to source and supply from their own grown stock and their suppliers and work within the guidelines set by Secret Gardens, to provide what has grown into a stunning  visual display.

Matt Cantwell, Director of Secret Gardens writes about Alpine Nurseries:

“This project was all about team-work and co-ordination between the design and construction staff at Secret Gardens but also between the sub-contractors and our suppliers.  Alpine Nurseries was no exception. Of the course the stock had to be the best, we expect that from them on all our jobs, we also needed to know they would be able to accommodate our requirements.  We use Alpine because we know that apart from great plants they provide a fantastic service.  Many of our jobs are difficult; we need them to work with us to solve logistics.  They are part of our service, our professional team”.