Project completed by Secret Gardens in 2013.

Tucked back into the hill behind the beach at Wategos Byron Bay, ‘The Wing House’ as it is known, occupies a commanding position with great views out to Julian Rocks.

The property lies on a steep slope with the house located towards the rear of the block so the garden needed to strengthen the entrance experience; help absorb the house into the surrounding terrain and streamline the viewpoint from the house to the ocean. The structural gestures in the garden are subtle with emphasis on natural materials of local origin and plant material that was cohesive with the natural surroundings and requiring minimal maintenance.

Alpine nurseries sourced the plant material from it’s five growing locations and a number of other specialist growers. Deliveries were coordinated from Alpine Alstonville about 30 minutes drive from the project.

Featured plants

  • Agave attenuata
  • Ficus lyrata
  • Viola hederacea
  • Crassula ovata 'Blue Bird'
  • Zamia furfuracea
  • Plumeria rubra 'White'
  • Cupaniopsis anacardioides