The plants in the market are looking great and have benefitted from the warm weather since the Easter long weekend. This is a great time of year for landscapers and gardeners alike to be in the garden. My friendly and experienced team is eager to assist with your plant needs.

The Tibouchina Alstonville in 300mm and 200mm and Jules in 200mm are in bud and flower and look fantastic. The market is well stocked with Camellia sasanqua looking their best in Autumn. We have some great looking Erica that are in tight bud and flower and a broad selection of cottage plants in flower.

We are building up our numbers of Rhododendron, Daphne, blueberry and Pieris.

We still have good supplies of Ficus lyrata, Alcantarea and Sanseveria through the cooling off period.

The market is well stocked in landscape and architectural lines including Cycas, Yucca (green and variegated forms), Slender weaver bamboo, Liriope, Lomandra tanika and golden cane palms. We recently received some double headed xanthorrhoea trees which look amazing. Hopefully this will become a more regular occurrence in the market.

Everris has recently replaced two products in their range; Pro Flora replaces Sierrablen while Pro Lawn Maintenance, New Lawn and Repair and All Round replace the original Lawn builder. The new products come in a 15kg bag.

Debco has released a new range of potting mixes including a 50ltr raised bed mix and Premium Potting mix. There is also a new 25ltr range including Vegetable and herb mix, Rose Mix and Orchid and Planting mix.

Trent Richmond, one of our young achievers has moved up into the commercial side of our business helping collate orders and rope stock for large jobs. Trent still spends every Friday with the crew in the Trademart adding youth and enthusiasm to an experienced team. Trent has an eagerness to learn and is always helpful and friendly.

Peter Shirley, a Senior member of the Trademart is heading to South America and Brazil in June for the World Cup Soccer event. Wishing Peter a safe and exhilarating trip and good luck to the Socceroos!

As Autumn draws a close we eagerly await a new load of bareroot, stonefruit and ornamental trees in early June.


Gavin Bodilly
Market Manager