It’s important to obtain feedback from students on the training structure and what they have learnt and how they have been able to apply that training to their work.  This insight will help you plan for even better training solutions next time.

Below is some feedback from Alpine staff members that have recently completed full qualification courses.

Trent Richmond – Certificate III Production Nursery 2011/12

Trent works in the Alpine Trademart and this was his first role within this nursery. He is a young man with an amazing ability to stay positive and happy throughout the day and is quickly becoming an expert on plant identification within Alpine and the industry.

The Production Nursery course has clearly helped Trent develop as a person and staff member.  Trent lists the following as benefits of the training he received as part of the course:

  • More competent with pronouncing botanical names
  • Learnt brand new propagation techniques
  • A quick review of last week’s class was performed each week and this helped Trent pace himself throughout the course
  • Information on assessments and how to prepare was communicated well
  • Trent doesn’t drive so having the course taught at work during business hours was very helpful
  • Flexibility of class sessions to fit in with how busy students were at work
  • The plant identification subjects were tailored to include plants that Alpine grows

Going forward Trent would like to more study and training and choose a specific field to concentrate on.