Tristaniopsis laurina Luscious (water gum) is a flashy cousin of the traditional Watergum. With its broad deep green glossy foliage it is a perfect native alternative to Magnolia as a specimen or feature tree.

This fast growing beauty can reach heights of up to 12 metres and is fast growing making it a perfect shade tree for parks, childcare centres and alike. However, it is rare to see it reach these lofty heights in the cooler southern states of Australia.

It has decorative peeling bark, yet another eye-catching feature, which really makes all that green foliage pop. Being evergreen, it is very low on overall maintenance with very little leaf drop making it perfect for the weekend gardener.

The Tristaniopsis is a true Aussie battler it can be planted in full sun or part shade and can handle anything from high humidity to bitterly cold mornings and frost. It is also highly tolerant of the nasty myrtle rust fungal disease, which can destroy its cousins – the mighty Eucalypts. Scale insects can attack however, damage to its leaves very rarely would lead to chemical control.

When this hardy tree is established and happy, thriving in well-drained soil it will begin to extrude its stunning new bronze or orange new growth. In addition, during the summer months it will produce beautiful small clusters of yellow scented flowers, which can attract native birds into the garden.

After it has finished flowering the Tristaniopsis laurina Luscious will respond well to pruning and can be easily shaped making it an appealing street tree to go underneath powerlines or to be the centrepiece of a native influenced garden. Versatility at its best.

Always one of Alpines most popular selections with landscapers, we offer the Luscious in 300mm and 400mm pots and some big beauties in 100LTR, 200LTR and 400LTR bags! They grow on our Northern NSW site where they thrive in lovely warmer weather all year round.

Written by Charlie Woodhouse, Account Manager Alpine Nurseries