If a business is looking to develop and grow then staff development will become imperative at some stage.  Business owners can’t develop a business in a sustainable way without investing in staff.

Developing staff isn’t just about employing, it’s about opening up opportunities for staff who want to exceed and develop their careers.  Some staff will disappoint and others will surprise.  Some staff you will lose and some you will keep.

Developing staff requires business owners and management teams to set time aside each day to spend time with staff and to pass on knowledge, experience and advice.  It also involves listening to them and finding job and training solutions that will help them develop.

Watching staff develop can be a very rewarding experience.   As staff develop confidence and additional skills they are much more likely to want to delegate, decide, interpret, prioritise, help colleagues and manage conflict.

When a staff member obtains new skills they have the ability to pass on that knowledge to several people in the business so developing a staff member can have a multiplier effect which businesses often overlook.  It’s very hard to quantify the business benefits when developing staff.

Sometimes new staff have all the training in the world but no job experience whereas others have no formal training but plenty of job experience.

It’s really about supporting staff when a lack of training and / or job experience is holding them back and preventing them reaching their potential