About Alpine Nurseries

Alpine Nurseries is part of the largest wholesale production nursery group in Australia, offering consistent quality, service, scale and variety of greenlife to the landscape industry.

With operations in Dural, Alstonville and Aradia NSW, Alpine is a formidable production nursery with superior quality stock and a vast selection of green life spanning over 150 acres.

As a long standing and reputable wholesale nursery for more than 45 years, Alpine focuses exclusively on trade customers, including landscapers, landscape designers and contractors, architects, local councils, property developers, garden retail centres and Government agencies.

alpine nursery aerial view
alpine nursery tractor in rows of plants

Alpine has more quality plants on the ground than any other nursery thanks to almost a half century of grower’s experience and depth of knowledge in horticulture. All contributing to consistently producing premium quality plants.

From huge commercial infrastructure projects down to small backyard make overs, Alpine grows advanced trees in excess of 2,500 Litre containers all the way down to tube stock for roadside plantings. Alpine also has access to an extensive Australia-wide network of specialist growers.

alpine nursery tractor in rows of plants

“Alpine Nurseries has always lived by its Quality Matters ethos and remains at the heart of every business decision we make. From the people we employ to the stock we send out, and ultimately the customer experience we deliver, quality remains our goal.”
Dan Ewings – General Manager, Alpine Nurseries

Experienced sales teams actively collate Alpine grown stock and sources from other nurseries to ensure customer orders are filled in their entirety.

Alpine Nurseries offer valued customers a full complement service including access to the Alpine Trademart – a wholesale trade market providing a cash and carry alternative to plant procurement.

Alpine Nurseries Dan looking at large trees

Alpine Dural

Alpine Nurseries
22 acres 9ha 
Alpine Nurseries was founded in 1975 by Arthur Maait, since then Alpine continues to grow and evolve and has set the industry’s benchmark for delivering consistent quality green life for the retail, residential and commercial landscape sectors.

Dural is Alpine’s head office, with experienced and dedicated sales and customer service, the Trademart, administration, finance, marketing and production teams.

Alpine has access to an extensive Australia-wide network of specialist growers, many of which work closely with the Alpine Trademart, located in Dural.

Alpine Alstonville

alpine nursery aerial view

93.9 acres 38ha
In 2004 Alpine began development of a new state-of-the-art nursery at Alstonville. Today this 38-hectare site is fully developed. With an expansion project currently under way, an additional 18 hectares was purchased in September 2019 with the view to increase propagation by 30%. Featuring a comprehensive plant portfolio, including shade loving, foliage plants such as Camellias, Xanadu’s, Aspidistra, Liriope and Draceanea’s, Spathiphyllums.

Alpine Alstonville is an award-winning nursery, having been awarded on a number of occasions, the Nursery and Garden Industry Association (NGIA) national award for Best Large Production Nursery in Australia.

Alpine Arcadia

During October 2016, Alpine Nurseries doubled the space at its existing Arcadia site to over 8 hectares to increase stock holdings in high demand key lines.  Arcadia’s close proximity to the Dural head office has helped to streamline the logistics of consolidating stock for orders and offers greater flexibility in accommodating last minute requests. It has also minimised freight thereby reducing our carbon footprint along with providing sales staff and customers the opportunity to sight stock prior to delivery. 

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