selecting and shipping plants


Pre-grow contracts are a vital part of any medium to large scale development. The scale, community voice, environmental awareness and need for immediate impact through advanced stock, create layers of complexity that the landscape architect will address in their design outcomes.

The landscape plans are completed many months and often years ahead of construction, but unfortunately the plant supply contract, in most cases, is not awarded until a month or so out from installation. This lack of notice means that unless a nursery happens to have the right quantity, species, and container size that has been collected from provenance seed, substitutions must be made.

The Solution

Nurseries and landscapers share equal displeasure in substituting – no one wins, so entering into a pre-grow package early in the projects life is the solution.

Benefits to the client include the best quality, value for money (no plants have been sourced externally), the plants are true to type, the quantities required are available with consistent plant size, no substitutes have been used and they have been grown in the correct sizes to provide the intended initial impact.

A managed pre-grow will also ensure quality and compliance to AS-2303, if the Australian Standard for tree stock is a requirement for your project talk to our sales managers about Alpine’s strict production and growing practices.

plants on trailer ready for shipment