Carissa Macrocarpa Desert Star

Aug 19, 2021

If you are looking for a tough, dense, rich green smaller shrub for edging or filling borders, then Carissa maybe exactly what you need.

Carissa macrocarpa ‘Desert Star’ gains its name from its drought tolerant abilities and its star shaped flowers. It is a perfect addition to any water wise garden.

This small to medium shrub originates in South Africa, where it gained characteristics of drought and heat tolerance. It is a common choice along the coastal region of Australia with rich and lush succulent foliage, it would be at home on the rocky cliffs of the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney with salt winds.

It has glossy emerald green leaves which contrast with the perfect white of the flowers creating a stunning visual combination. The leaves have a leathery texture from their succulent cousins that enables them to enjoy drier conditions.

Once established, its eye-catching flowers provide a prolific display throughout summer, a simple, pure white perfumed flower. These beautiful flowers are followed by a fruit which reddens when ripe and is edible. For this reason, the Carissa is commonly called the ‘Natel Plum’. The deep red of the fruit is another distinguishing feature.

The Carissa is versatile and can be planted in full sun or part shade, preferably where it is protected from frost or cold conditions. After flowering and fruiting, it will benefit from a light prune to create shape, promote new growth and to look their best.

The Carissa macrocarpa Desert Star is a low maintenance plant, making it a perfect addition to any garden.

An attractive, versatile and resilient plant, a clear winner with landscapers and available at Alpine all year-round in 140mm, 200mm and 300mm sizes. To place your order, contact Alpine Nurseries on 9651 0999 or email