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envision landscapes

Project completed by Envision Landscapes in 2020.

Following a successful home renovation, the once overgrown gardens were left feeling tired, outdated and disjointed from the newly emerged contemporary home. Combining this with the natural slope of the land, it left the majority of the outdoor space uninviting and underutilised. The design brief was simple – create a functional space for the whole family to enjoy.

The transformation began with the removal of cluttered hedges and trees, allowing an established Oak Tree (Quercus) and Maple Tree (Acer) to become features in their own right.

The natural slope of the rear yard was resolved with the use of a ballast sandstone wall, resulting in a level lawn that became a play space for children.

By designing a bench that encircles the large deciduous Oak Tree, seating became a function yet creative feature allowing it to shine all year round. Smart finishes, such as the natural bluestone tile, elevate the pool restoration and connect seamlessly via new staircases and a path to the pool surrounds. A lush grass alternative Dichondra, adds a flourishing touch to thoroughfare spaces.

Custom sandstone seating complete with LED strip lighting and a central fire pit, enables the area adjacent to the pool to become a functioning entertainment hub. Other lighting elements incorporated include feature ornamentals, highlighting the Snow Pear Trees (Pyrus nivalis), Crepe Myrtles (Lagerstroemia), and focused up lighting to further enhance the established Oak and Maple Tree (Acer). Combined with adjustable pathway lighting, the result offers maximum usable light whilst providing atmospheric glow throughout the garden.

Project design & construction: Envision Landscapes
 Location: Lindfield NSW