Getting Your Landscape Projects Ready for a HOT Summer:Essential Tips for Success

Already the Australian Bureau of Meteorology are issuing warnings about extreme summer conditions this summer, so with the days growing longer and the temperature on the rise, it’s time to prepare your garden for the long, hot summer ahead. The scorching heat and intense sunlight can pose challenges for even the most seasoned gardeners and landscapers.

However, with the right planning and care, your garden can thrive and provide you with a beautiful outdoor oasis throughout the summer months.

Any industry professional will be able to give you advice on what can be done to prepare your garden or landscape project for the impending heat with the basic rules being:

1. Efficient watering – install a drip irrigation system or soaker hoses to provide a slow, steady supply of water directly to the roots of your plants. Water early in the morning or late in the evening when the temperatures are cooler.

2. Mulching around your plants – this will help retain moisture and reduce evaporation, keeping the soil consistently moist.

3. Choose drought-resistant plants – consider adding drought-resistant or native plants to your garden.

Watering landscapeBut what about bringing soil back to life that has become Hydrophobic?
This occurs when soil has become too dry and will no longer absorb water. The easy answer to this problem is a high-quality wetting agent.

Anticipating the summer sizzle Alpine Nurseries has teamed up with ICL fertilisers to provide our customers with an easy to apply residual wetting agent that will turn lifeless soil and turf back into lush greenspace.
Hydraflo 2 is comprised of easy-to-use granules which provide the perfect balance of air and water, resulting in higher-quality and healthier plants.

The convenient granules deliver an immediate response as a top dress application. Hydraflo 2’s dual-action technology allows for improved and impressive nursery, turf and landscaping results.

Product Advantages

  • Encourages free drainage of water-logged soils and rewetting of dry soils.
  • Creates an ideal balance of air and water that results in healthier, higher quality plants.
  • Encourages deeper, stronger roots.
  • Easily applied as a top dress or incorporated in soil mix.
  • Inhibits the growth of moss, algae and soil borne pathogens.
  • Safe for use on all ornamental plants including turfgrasses.

Hydraflo II is a trade only product not available off the shelf at your local hardware. The Alpine Trademart is keeping stock over the summer period so visit the Alpine Trademart now and talk to Gav and the team about this must have product.

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