Alpine Nurseries

Alpine Dural is the head office and hub of operations. We also have nurseries at Altonville and Arcadia.

The founding nursery is situated in Dural, NSW.

Our Production Team produces stock, from Tubes – 1000L, to support Sales and Dispatch who supply customers right across NSW with our quality stock.  The nursery is situated on 12 hectares and produces a range of trees and shrubs in various sizes as well as the bulk of our pre grow orders. Most of our Sales and distribution occur from this site including sales from our wholesale Trademart. Dural is also where we store and distribute the stock from our Alstonville site which is freighted down to Sydney to supply orders.
Alpine Nurseries Trucks

Dural is located 25kms from the Sydney CBD. You can easily visit us! Our plant deliveries reach their destinations quickly and with minimal delay.

Alpine Nurseries Dural

The nursery at Dural employs 70 staff across various departments including over 15 dedicated to sales as well as dispatch, production, propagation, administration and management.

The nursery has been operating for over 40 Years and is well known in the industry for it’s established gardens and beautiful setting. It has an excellent reputation within the industry and is often visited by overseas guests wanting to learn how we do things in Australia.