Acer palmatum 'Dissectum Inaba Shidare'

Japanese Maple, Fine Leaved Maple


A beautiful dense, rounded Maple with pendulous branches. Mature plants develop a dome-like form. Leaves are a very dark purple to burgundy black, deeply incised, with seven deeply serrated lobes slightly wider than most cultivars. Autumn colour is crimson. A robust small tree well suited to sheltered sites in parks and gardens. A popular choice for Japanese style gardens. Prefers a well drained, moist soil but, will tolerate most soil types once established. Keep well watered during dry periods and protect from full sun and hot winds. Suitable for cooler climates and not tolerant of coastal conditions. Apply a complete organic fertiliser twice a year.


DimensionsHeight: 1.5 to 2m, Width: 2m
Aspect Part shade
Pests & diseasesAphids may be a problem on new growth in Spring.
Typical sizes300mm, 400mm

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