Acmena smithii 'Red Tip Form'

Red Tip Lilly Pilly


A large, upright, dense, bushy, evergreen native shrub. This is a great choice for hedging, screening and topiaries. It has smaller leaves than the straight species and flushes of lovely pink/red-bronze new growth, plus fluffy white flowers in summer. Prefers fertile, well drained soil rich in organic matter but will grow in sandy soils where organic matter and slow release fertiliser has been added. Avoid heavy clay or poor drainage. Tolerant of a wide range of temperatures and aspects including protected coastal sites. Responds well to pruning. Apply slow release fertiliser in late winter and early autumn.


DimensionsHeight: 3 to 5m, Width: 2m
Aspect Full sun
OriginNorthern Rivers NSW.
Pests & diseasesResistant to Psyllid but prone to infestation of Scale and Sooty Mould where planted in heavy shade.
Typical sizes200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 75ltr

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