Banksia integrifolia

Coast Banksia, Coastal Banksia


A highly variable species. Most often seen as an upright tree but in exposed areas can grow into a small, gnarled tree, or, on very exposed areas (such as on coastal headlands) can be reduced to a small shrub. Usually has a single stout trunk, often twisted and gnarled, and rough grey bark. Leaves are dark green with a white underside. The roughly cylindrical flower spikes are 5cms wide x 10-12cms tall and pale yellow to yellow in colour, appearing from January to June. Bird and mammal attracting. Woody cones remain after the flowers are finished. Suits both coastal and inland positions as street trees, garden/landscape specimens, or for bush regeneration and dune stabilisation. Frost and wind tolerant. Adaptable to well drained/poorly drained soils and drought tolerant once established. Lightly prune to shape.


DimensionsHeight: 5 to 25m, Width: 4m
Aspect Full sun
OriginEast coast of Australia.
Pests & diseasesNo major problems
Typical sizes200mm, 25ltr, 45ltr, 75ltr, 200ltr

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