Beschorneria yuccoides

Mexican Lily


A stemless succulent plant with a clumping habit. The long grey-green, sword shaped leaves form a rosette, emerging erect, and spreading as new growth appears. Large flower spikes appear on mature plants during late summer to display a mass of attractive, pink, bell-shaped flowers, which sit above the leaves. Good choice for Tropical or Mediterranean style gardens. Adaptable to many soil types from clay loam to sandy clay loam to sandy loam to silt loam. Prefers highly fertile soils and responds well to fertiliser and water during the growing season. Once established is very hardy and withstands heat, drought, wind and frost conditions.


DimensionsHeight: 1 to 2m, Width: 2m
Aspect Full sun
Pests & diseasesSnails and slugs in garden situations.
Typical sizes200mm, 300mm

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