Casuarina glauca 'Kattang Karpet'

Casuarina glauca Kattang Karpet


A prostrate fine-leaf form of the common she-oak.  Casuarina glauca ‘Kattang Karpet’, with a slow to moderate growth rate, forms a lovely thick mat of fine foliage which follows the contours of the landscape, acting as a living mulch and suppressing weeds. Also a good choice for cascading over walls and rocks. Tolerates a wide range of soil types, from light clay to sand, but grows best in a well-drained slightly acid soil in full sun. Avoid wetting foliage if possible to minimise fungal problems. Ensure adequate soil moisture during establishment. Tolerates light frosts, coastal and inland situations.


DimensionsHeight: 0.1 to 0.5m, Width: 2m
Aspect Full sun
OriginMid North Coast NSW
Pests & diseasesFungal problems and caterpillars
Typical sizes140mm, 200mm

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