Duranta repens 'Sheena's Gold'

Golden Dewdrop, Duranta 'Sheena's Gold'


A fast growing, small, evergreen shrub with bright yellow foliage. An ideal choice for low and clipped hedges/borders and provides great colour contrast in large gardens. Suitable for topiary and potted specimens and displays blue flowers in Summer followed by orange-coloured berries. Prefers a fertile well drained soil enriched with organic matter but will tolerate enriched sandy soils. Avoid heavy clay or poorly drained soils. Grows well in tropical, sub tropical and coastal conditions. Prefers regular watering but is drought tolerant once established. To maintain density and a good appearance, prune every 4-6 weeks and apply a slow release fertiliser at the beginning of Summer.


DimensionsHeight: 1 to 3m, Width: 3m
Aspect Full sun
OriginCentral and South America
Pests & diseasesNo specific pests or diseases.
Typical sizes140mm, 200mm, 300mm

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