Elaeocarpus eumundi

Eumundi Quandong, Smooth Quandong


A slow growing, mid-sized rainforest tree with dark green, glossy leaves and flushes of bronze-red new growth. Fringed, cream, scented flowers in November to December are attractive to birds. Fruit is a small blue drupe. Uses include street tree, specimen tree, informal hedging, windbreaks and roadside plantings. Prefers well drained, acidic, loamy/sandy soil which is rich in organic matter. Grows best in warm, temperate/tropical conditions, however, will tolerate protected coastal exposure. Keep well watered and mulched in dry periods. Apply an organic fertiliser in Spring and prune to shape if required.


DimensionsHeight: 8 to 15m, Width: 8m
Aspect Full sun
OriginEastern Australia
Pests & diseasesMinimal
Typical sizes200mm, 300mm, 45ltr, 75ltr, 200ltr

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