Liquidamber styraciflua

Liquidambar, Sweet Gum, Satin Walnut


A large ornamental tree with a conical/rounded habit. The leaves are palmately lobed, fresh green when new and becoming dark green as they mature. They can produce some of the most spectacular Autumn foliage known. Inconspicuous flowers are produced in Spring, to be followed by globular, spiky, woody seed capsules. The trees prefer a bright, sunny situation with a deep, fertile soil that is well-drained but remains moist during the Summer months. They should be watered regularly and mulched well. The trees are best suited to large gardens and parks as they need a reasonable amount of space to grow and spread. Pruning will spoil their natural shape. Plant away from paths.


DimensionsHeight: 8 to 20m, Width: 10m
Aspect Full sun
OriginNorth America
Pests & diseasesNo major problems
Typical sizes200mm, 25ltr, 45ltr, 100ltr

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