Lomandra hystrix

Slender Mat Rush


A large strappy-leaved, clumping plant with lime-green to green, arching and weeping foliage. Flowers appear during Spring and Summer with the yellow flower spikes sitting amongst and slightly above the foliage. Will grow in full sun and almost complete shade. Tolerant of high humidity but needs shelter from coastal winds and will also grow inland in frost-free micro-climates. Soil preferences range from a loam to clay-loam to clay. Tolerates dry conditions but does best with summer rains. Ideal for moist soils and grows naturally on the edges of creeks, swamps, rivers and in moist gullies. Trim foliage by half every 3-5 years during Spring to refresh the plant and maintain a tidy appearance.


DimensionsHeight: 1 to 1.5m, Width: 1.5m
Aspect Full sun
Pests & diseasesNo major problems
Typical sizes140mm, 200mm

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