Lomandra longifolia 'Katrinus'

Katrinus Lomandra


'Katrinus' is a tough and hardy clumping plant with a uniform habit and reliable nature. Shorter than many common forms of Lomandra, it has soft, weeping, lime green foliage and yellow flower spikes held within the foliage. These appear during Spring and Summer. Will grow in both full sun and moderate to heavy shade, tolerating frost and wind. It is also very drought tolerant and requires no watering once established. Preferring a sandy to heavy clay soil, it is an excellent erosion control plant, growing well in both coastal and inland climates. Good for massed plantings in commercial and compact residential situations as well as being ideal for roadside situations. Trim only as required by cutting back to 300mm above the ground.


DimensionsHeight: 0.8 to 1m, Width: 1.2m
Aspect Full sun
Pests & diseasesNo major problems
Typical sizes140mm

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