Loropetalum chinense 'Purple Pixie'

'Purple Pixie'


A dwarf, ground cover shrub with spreading, weeping branches. The small leaves are rich purple in colour and the showy, tassel-like, pink flowers appear in Spring. It likes full sun to part shade, is tolerant of frost and humidity, and moderately tolerates drought. Prefers a well-drained moist soil and will grow in clay, loam or sandy soils. Water to establish and keep the soil moist in dry conditions. A great colour contrast in garden beds, hanging baskets, and containers. Prune after flowering to keep tidy every 2-3 years, or more often if desired. Fertilise in early Spring.


DimensionsHeight: 0.3 to 0.5m, Width: 1.2m
Aspect Full sun
OriginOzbreed Variety
Pests & diseasesNo major problems
Typical sizes140mm, 200mm

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