Schefflera arboricola 'Jacqueline'

Cream Dwarf Umbrella Tree, Dwarf Umbrella


A small, hardy, evergreen shrub with a rounded, bushy habit and interesting foliage. Leaves are palmately compound and dark green with blotchy, yellow variegation. The flowers are yellowish, in small umbels along the main branches and appear in Summer. Orange, changing to black, berries follow the flowers. Can be grown in full sun to 50% shade but if grown indoors the plant needs bright, indirect light. Requires a well drained, fertile soil or an all purpose potting mix for container plantings, with coarse sand added for extra drainage. Can be quite drought tolerant but is frost tender and dislikes wet feet. This is a great accent plant for Tropical style gardens, in pots on a patio, or for indoors. Prune to keep compact and tidy if necessary.


DimensionsHeight: 1 to 2m, Width: 1.5m
Aspect Part shade
Pests & diseasesScale, Mealy Bugs, Aphids, Spider Mite
Typical sizes200mm

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