Trachelospermum jasminoides

Star Jasmine, Chinese Star Jessamine


Trachelospermum jasminoides is an evergreen, twining, woody vine with small, glossy green leaves and clusters of highly fragrant, star-like white flowers that cover the plant from Summer to Autumn. Will grow and flower in full sun to total shade and requires a well drained, fertile soil and moderate water. Drought tolerant once established but it is wise to maintain soil moisture during Summer months. Dislikes wet feet. Tolerates a broad range of temperatures from tropical to cool temperate, withstanding light frost. Commonly used as a groundcover, particularly on banks, but will climb any trees, cables or open structures that it strikes. Very effective when trained on pillars, pergolas and arches. Prune to maintain size and use a slow release fertiliser in Spring. Can be cut back hard if necessary.


DimensionsHeight: 0.5 to 4m, Width: 3m
Aspect Full sun
OriginSoutheastern Asia
Pests & diseasesNo major problems but check for Aphids.
Typical sizes140mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm

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