Sydney Airport refurbishment

Project completed by Marsupial Landscape Management in 2012.

Marsupial Landscape Management is responsible for landscape management and maintenance at Sydney Airport.  This includes garden beds and pots at the terminals and along the driveways connecting the airports.

In October 2012 Marsupial implemented a new planting and landscape ‘refresh’ project at the International Terminal.  It included new landscaping and gardens at the Departures Terminal and redesigned garden beds and plantings at the Arrivals Terminal.

Some of the planting features include Elaeocarpus eumundi ‘Quondong’ in 200ltr, bulk potted plantings of Rhapis excelsa in 300mm and a bougainvillea green wall in 300mm.  The refurbished garden bed design at the Arrivals Terminal includes Alcantarea imperialis ‘Silver Plum’, Alpinia zerumbet ‘Variegata’ and Zamia furfuracea ‘Cardboard Plant’.

The plant list to date includes 1,000 plants x 140mm, 1,600 plants x 200mm and 300 plants x 300mm.

Marsupial plans to erect the Bougainvillea living wall at the Departures Terminal prior to Christmas 2012.  There is also new landscaping and planting next to the fast food outlets near the main entrance to the Domestic Terminal.

Future works include new plantings at the Domestic Terminal.  This project is part of a broader vision to improve the aesthetics and amenities at Sydney Airport to transform it into a world class airport.

Featured plants

  • Elaeocarpus eumundi ‘Quondong
  • Rhapis excelsa
  • Alcantarea imperialis ‘Silver Plum
  • Alpinia zerumbet ‘Variegata’
  • Zamia furfuracea ‘Cardboard Plant’
  • Bougainvillea living wall
Sydney Airport refurbishment
Sydney Airport refurbishment
Sydney Airport refurbishment
Sydney Airport refurbishment