Transforming The Shoreline

Alpine The Shoreline

The Shoreline Luxury Retirement Living project, spearheaded by Reddog Architects, in collaboration with GeoLINK’s Landscape Architect and The Shoreline Gardeners, aims to redefine the landscape of retirement living.

Shoreline is a 120-bed residential aged care facility and 183 self-contained units comprising of townhouses and apartments up to 7 storeys. The project’s landscape caters to the diverse needs of its residents, including two dementia specific gardens, 150m2 podium with outdoor recreation and meeting places, swimming pool and recreation area, entry landscaping, bioretention areas, street scape and boundary layout.

At the heart of the design is a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, with courtyard designs tailored to address age-related physical and mental disabilities, incorporating principles of dementia-friendly designs. Privacy was paramount, with landscape elements strategically positioned to shield adjoining buildings while infusing seasonal colours and contrasts.

The rooftop gardens, a ‘crowning jewel’, offers external gathering spaces with a thoughtfully curated mix of plant species, defining the space with verdant beauty. Villas with private enclosed courtyards have carefully selected greenlife to screen from public view, seamlessly blending with the surrounding landscape.

Central to this landscaping endeavour is the careful selection of plant species, guided by considerations of flowering times, leaf structures, coastal resilience, and minimal maintenance requirements. Each plant has been selected to provide a harmonious blend of colour, texture, and resilience against the coastal elements of the area.

Amidst the variety of plants, there emerged ‘hero plants’ – standouts that capture the essence of the landscape. Each plant has been selected with purpose, curated to grow and thrive in its designated environment, be it the exposed podium or the lush rooftop gardens.

Over the span of six years, this project has come to fruition, overcoming challenges posed by the coastal elements. Yet, with each hurdle surmounted, the landscape flourishes, a testament to the expertise and collaboration of the teams involved.

Alpine Nurseries is proud to be a part of this transformation. Alro Cluff, Alpine’s Northern Rivers Account Manager has been praised for his collaboration and dedication to supporting this landscape project – a green space for the local ageing community, their families and friends to enjoy.