Alpine optimises our logistical process and fine-tunes Chain of Responsibility with the successful implementation of Allotrac Transport Management Software

In January this year, Alpine Nurseries researched the best system able to cope with the growth of our business. We were looking for a logistics management solution that would improve efficiency the further we grow, improving systems into the future for customers. We wanted a software management tool that would track and report on our fleet undertaking close to 100 deliveries daily, one that would drive our sustainable actions further and fine tune our Chain of Responsibility.

Alpine chose Allotrac Transport Management Software for its capabilities and has successfully implemented this solution into results for the business.


Alpine Nurseries is now using a paperless invoice system, with sign-on-glass invoices automatically emailed to customers. Triplicate printing of invoices is a thing of the past. This new system has enabled us to halve our overall printing demands since June. It is also a more efficient process for our customers.

Driver health and wellbeing

Allotrac manages all safety concerns for our drivers through a system that becomes the log book itself, with automated tracking and documentation for transparency with our Chain of Responsibility. Through Allotrac’s reportability and alert system, our drivers maintain driver health. In addition, the system provides service history reports and alerts us to the maintenance needs of the fleet.

Caring about the welfare of our drivers is important. Our customers can have the peace of mind that by choosing Alpine Nurseries, they contribute to ethical responsibilities for driver welfare in the industry.

Drivers perform a pre-safety check on their vehicle every morning and maintenance issues are captured and flagged for our Dispatch Manager. In the unlikely event of a defect that could compromise roadworthiness, the system prevents the driver from continuing any further.

All plants and allied goods have been recorded with dimensions to ensure trucks are not overloaded, causing a risk to our drivers and other motorists.

Driver fatigue is managed through scheduled breaks, alerting both the driver and management and a direct messaging feature within the system allows for seamless communications between drivers and the office at all times.

Allotrac alerts

With our integrated system, sales personnel can report back on the location of stock along the delivery route, and inform customers more accurately than ever before. This increases efficiency and process. In the future, we will implement automated alerts so customers can better prepare in real time via notifications of the accurate timing of each delivery.

Ryan Welsh


Ryan Welsh, Alpine Nurseries Dural Dispatch Manager says, “It’s helped everyone become more organised.

Jason Hayes, Alpine Dispatch Coordinator adds, “Allotrac accurately calculates the available load on a truck, calculating the stock into square metres. It helps maximise the truckload. It is flexible in the way it allows you to switch the jobs between trucks as well.”

Steve Garemyn, an Alpine Truck Driver is happy, “I love that I can see what I’m doing that day. It tells me how my day is planned out.