Hamptons in The Gables – A Modern Landscape

“Once again, our team was impressed with the exceptional service and high-quality foliage provided by Alpine Nurseries”

– Adam Jenner Director & Head Landscaper, Generate Landscapes

Location: Gables NSW

Nestled in a serene residential estate Gables NSW, a picturesque landscape has emerged, transforming the curb appeal of a newly built family home into an inviting Hamptons-inspired retreat. This project, helmed by Generate Landscapes, was designed and executed, focusing on creating a seamless connection between the landscape, the modern Hamptons facade, and the desired vision of the client.

The Brief & Key Considerations:

The key challenge in this project was to ensure that the chosen landscaping materials and plant palette harmoniously complemented the modern Hamptons facade of the home. Generate Landscapes understood the importance of selecting materials that matched the warm grey tones of the front facade. The team achieved this by featuring Silver Travertine tiles laid in a French pattern, creating an enchanting pathway leading to the front entrance.

In terms of the plant palette, the clients expressed their desire for a diverse range of species throughout the front yard. The selection of plants took into account various factors, including the local climate, environmental conditions, maintenance requirements, intended use of the space, and the desired aesthetic finish to align with the clients’ vision.

Hero Plants

Among the notable plant selection, Juniperus Virginiana ‘Spartan’ Conifer trees stood out as a hero, eye catching feature. These majestic trees were thoughtfully placed along the fence line and driveway boundary, ensuring they would grow to become a captivating feature. As the trees mature, the garden lights will highlight the intricate details in their foliage and stature, adding a touch of enchantment to the landscape.

Another standout feature was the use of Dichondra repens, which adorned the Black Woodchip Mulch, offering a delightful pop of colour and texture along the Silver Travertine pathway.

Plant Palette

High-quality plants, all of which were sourced from Alpine Nurseries were carefully chosen plant palette included: 90 x Dichondra repens; 9 x Juniperus virginiana ‘Spartan’; 56 x Buxus microphylla japonica; 28 x Trachelospermum jasminoides (unstaked); 60 x Trachelospermum ‘Tricolor’.

Project Timeline and Collaboration

This project took 5 weeks to complete and involved a collaborative effort from various trusted and reputable businesses, making the journey a smooth and enjoyable experience for the client.

A Delightful Outcome

The response on completion was overwhelmingly positive. Having shared progress via social media, positive reviews and new project leads were plentiful! The Generate Landscapes team took immense pride in their work, and the clients were thrilled with the stunning front entryway that perfectly matched their vision for their family home.

Working with Alpine Nurseries

Generate Landscapes has been a long-time collaborator with Alpine Nurseries and once again, the team was impressed with the exceptional service and high-quality green life provided. The plants were delivered on time, and the stunning range of colours, full foliage plants, added to the allure of the landscape.

With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to exceeding client expectations, the Generate Landscapes team successfully transformed a blank canvas into an enchanting landscape. With a thriving team led by Director and Head Landscaper, Adam Jenner, they continue to create awe-inspiring outdoor spaces.

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