The crucial element to assure availability of stock you will need is commitment to contract growing. Through planning ahead with us as your partner we can help secure all of the plants that you need, when you need them.

What is ‘Pre-Grow’?

A ‘Pre grow’ or ‘Contract grow’ is an arrangement made on contractual basis in order to ensure you have the correct plant material you require and at the time you want it.

What are the benefits of a Pre-Grow?

Contract or Pre growing offers many advantages. By securing plant material in advance you will save considerable time and heartache when it comes time to plant, you will not have to struggle with availability of plant material, travelling the country side from nursery to nursery collecting plants. You will also secure a negotiated price on all plants; this avoids the risk of unpredicted price rises.

What information do we need?

Listed below is the typical information we require to provide an accurate quote and anticipate any issues early:

  • Species requested
  • Quantities requested
  • Container size required
  • Project schedule
  • Time frame needed
  • Provenance

We want to work with you. If we think that a particular plant is not suitable for that location e.g Lomandra Tanika planted in a water run-off area, we can make accurate and educated substitutions.

The best-laid plans often go astray so the terms of our contract also deal with delays and maintenance. We will always do our best to meet your needs throughout the duration of the project and try to be as flexible and friendly as possible. Upon signing a contract with us a 10% deposit is requested.

Time frames

Time frames will vary due to time of year, species, germination time and availability of seed and tissue culture. As a general rule lead time can vary from 12 weeks to 9 months. Each contract is handled individually and no two are the same. A more in-depth analysis of this can be determined upon receiving the aforementioned information. The earlier we know, the sooner you will know and the more likely we will be able to meet your specific needs. .

Can it be produced in stages?

Planting in stages is very common on large projects and we will factor the timed stages into our production schedule. The more we know about the project, especially timeframes for planting, the better. We may be able to help you more than you know.

What sizes do we have?

We have a number of different sizes we produce These include Viro-cell, Viro-tube, 100mm, 125mm, 140mm, Flora-edge strips and other sizes can be grown upon request.

If you have an upcoming project that you feel may be suited to a pre-grow arrangement or simply require more information don’t hesitate to contact 07 3806 3399 or email