You might think that because Alpine is a production nursery we only offer Horticulture training.  Whilst Horticulture training and skills are very important to a production nursery we also require staff with strong skills and attributes in all areas of business.

Staff training

The areas we see as important and therefore invest in training include:

  • Production nursery skills
  • Management and leadership skills
  • Machinery skills

In each of these areas above we have engaged training organisations to teach including:

  • Certificate III sand IV Production Nursery group classes at Alpine Dural and Alstonville
  • Certificate IV Frontline Management group classes at Alpine Alstonville
  • Diploma of Management group class at Alpine Dural
  • Forklift and bobcat training and assessment classes at Alpine Dural and Alstonville
  • Short course sales technique group courses
  • Compliance training including White card training and assessment

 We would rather the teacher and training company come to us.  We find that the success rates and learning outcomes are better when our staff can learn at the nursery during business hours.  Whilst we usually obtain funding to pay for the classes what’s not included is the work hours lost when staff are in class and not on the job.  It’s not really a problem for us because the short term productivity losses are more than offset by the longer term efficiency and skill enhancement gains. 

So we would recommend the same approach for other businesses.  Where the business do not have sufficient staff to undertake group classes that’s where your industry association should assist and there is nothing preventing you from talking to your competitors and industry contacts within your area that may have similar needs where a class made up of staff from different businesses is always possible.  It just requires a bit more effort.