Backpackers are Back!

Over the last two and a half years since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the main topics of conversation and pain points with business owners and managers has consistently been about labour shortages.

Labour intensive industries like hospitality, construction and horticulture rely heavily on international worker programs and working holiday makers. Alpine Nurseries are happy to report – Backpackers are back!
We are seeing an influx of working holiday makers “backpackers” re-engaging with our local workforce. To support industry, working holiday makers are able to extend their VISA for an additional 12 months by completing three months, or 88 days, of specified work under the Plant and Animal Cultivation sector, including other nominated industries and locations.

Lucky for us, the Alpine Alstonville nursery fits the criteria for travelling holiday makers and is only a 40 minute
drive from Byron Bay – a hub for Backpackers! And a couple of Hemsworth brothers to boot.

Our Alpine Alstonville team has hosted over 10 French international workers these past few months. Operations Manager Ben Habershon comments “The French workers we employed have been fantastic. They are reliable, hardworking, and always happy. Our permanent staff enjoy interacting with them and they really contribute to a fun atmosphere and positive, inclusive work culture”.

The Australian government is also assisting the Horticulture sector with additional worker programs such as (PALM) Pacific Labour Mobility- and (ASM) Australian Skilled Migration

Talk to your industry association to find out if you could be an eligible business.