Transforming Bondi: A Transformative Garden by Heisman

Located in the heart of Bondi, an alluring landscape project by Heisman has brought new life to a once uninspiring garden. This project is a testament to the transformative power of thoughtful design, skilled craftsmanship, and carefully selected planting.

The Brief

The client’s vision for the project was clear: to create a multi-use garden that could cater to formal and informal entertaining while providing a fun and safe space for their children to play. The challenge was to strike a balance between these diverse requirements. To achieve this, Heisman opted for a relatively simple plant design, believing it would be the most effective means of achieving a cohesive garden.

One of the key planting elements was the use of Zoysia turf and Zoysia tenuifolia as edging. This was designed to soften the transition from soft to hard landscape. Additionally, Zoysia tenuifolia was planted around the Eco Outdoor paving “pads,” with pebbles scattered in-between to create an organic feel and maintain continuity between the front and backyard.

Before and After

The project included a remarkable transformation, take a look at before-and-after shots that vividly illustrate the change from a underwhelming space to a vibrant, inviting garden.

Featured Flora

The plant palette for this project is diverse and well thought out, with Waterhousia Floribunda being one of the standout selections. This native plant, known for its weeping habit and attractive wavy leaf edges, was chosen to create a “green wall” along the neighbouring boundary. Its fast-growing nature and aesthetic appeal not only provided privacy but also set the scale for the rest of the garden.

Another hero plant introduced into the design is the native Xanthorrhoea johnsonii. Each specimen is unique and complements the spotted gum decking beautifully. To highlight its beauty day and night, a brass up-light was added by Gardens at Night.

Project Challenges and Solutions

The project’s timeline was impressively brief, taking only one month to complete. However, the most significant challenge faced was the existing submerged swimming pool, which had been filled with soil and debris by previous owners. Removing the pool and its concrete substructure wasn’t feasible due to cost and access constraints. Instead, the design leveraged the concrete “shell” of the pool to create a feature baton pathway leading to a new raised deck and shed. This creative solution turned a challenge into a unique and captivating feature of the garden.

Client Satisfaction and Future Prospects

The result of Heisman’s efforts was met with resounding approval. Their client was delighted with the outcome, now having a garden that can be used and enjoyed. They can entertain family and friends, and they believe that the landscape works have significantly increased the value of their property. In a testament to Heisman’s success, their neighbour has already expressed interest in having their garden designed and constructed by Heisman in 2024.

Working with Alpine Nurseries

Alpine Nurseries played a crucial role in sourcing various plant species and providing images of feature plants. This level of collaboration was invaluable in helping the client visualise the end result.
This Bondi landscape project by Heisman is a shining example of how a well-planned and executed garden design can transform a space into a welcoming, functional, and beautiful extension of the home. The choice of native plants, creative solutions to challenges, and thoughtful design elements all contributed to the project’s success. This garden serves as an inspiration for homeowners looking to enhance the value and beauty of their outdoor spaces, making it a delightful place for relaxation and entertainment.

Location: Bondi
Photography by: Nick Zdrilic
Landscape/Design/Construction: Design and Construct
Architect or Additional Service Providers:

  • Landscape Design & Construction by Heisman,
  • Carpentry by Newson Construction, Paving by Outdoor & General,
  • Electrical by RL Interconnections, and Excavation by All About Dirt.
  • Planting by Alpine Nurseries, Pavers by Eco Outdoors,
  • Lighting by Gardens at Night, Soil/Mulch by BC Sands,
  • Waste Removal by Bingo Industries,
  • Handles by Lo & Co, Mailbox by Milkcan,
  • Swings by Design Stuff,
  • Motorised Gate by Rapid Automatic Access, and
  • Pots by Outside Contemporary.