Everris promotion

Autumn is an important time to ensure your landscape has adequate nutrition before winter sets in. Everris controlled release fertilisers are ideal to use as they don’t create surge growth prior to winter. There are 3 lawn options:

  • Maintenance 2-3 months
  • New Grass 3 months
  • All Round 4-5 months

and for garden beds,

  • Flora 8-9 months

The Flora product replaces the former named Sierrablen Flora that you may be familiar with.

As an added incentive for autumn purchasers at Alpine Trademart, we would like to offer 1 free Alternanthera dentata “Little Ruby“ with every purchase of any Everris fertiliser. The Alternanthera dentata “Little Ruby” is a compact, mounding, small shrub with a spreading habit and stunning deep burgundy foliage.