The fourth annual HeartKids Spring Garden Tour was held on 25 October. The weather was perfect with a light breeze to keep guests cool; a welcome relief from Sydney’s hot and windy conditions in recent weeks.

Approximately 125 guests raised $25,000 for HeartKids, a charity which raises funds into the causes of Heart Disease and offers support to families of children with Heart Disease. Alpine organised the garden tour with great support from the staff at HeartKids NSW. This tour represented a milestone as the event has raised $100,000 since the very first garden tour in 2010. This year’s garden tour focused on gardens in Sydney’s Northern Suburbs.

Pepo Botanic Design

Pepo Botanic Design Pepo Botanic Design offered the first garden at Cheltenham. The home owner spoke about the history of the garden which started in the 1960’s. Her father planted hundreds of varieties of Camellia. This garden has many intimate spaces and a huge variety of species which gave the guests much enjoyment.

Graeme Greenhalgh of Tropic of Sydney presented the next two gardens in Beecroft. These gardens were located next to each other and were simply stunning; one was designed around a beautiful Victorian house, the other around a Federation home. Graham has a love of design but is also a plant nut so there were many unusual and less well known plants in this garden for guests to become more familiar with.

Bangay Garden Design

Paul BangayPaul Bangay of Paul Bangay Garden Design presented the next garden in Killara. This property was grand. The brief from the client was simple: lots of lawn, keep it green with a splash of colour here and there. There was so much to see at this garden with mass plantings of shrubs and trees all over the property. Bevan Pulley at I’ve Got Time maintains this garden; what a challenge!

Lunch this year was at the Greengate Hotel in the Atruim room upstairs. This year Lisa Chamberlin from HeartKids NSW spoke about her sons (William) journey as a HeartKid. Since he was born little William has had several operations on his heart. He is currently in good health, he really is a fighter!

Bates Landscape

Bates LandscapeMichael Bates from Bates Landscape presented the next garden, also in Killara. This Federation property is heritage listed and sits proudly amongst many beautiful homes. Bates Landscape recently constructed new tiered lawn areas and new plantings including beautiful Pyrus and a range of perennials.

The garden looked splendid with a great range of flowering shrubs, perennials and deciduous trees to keep guests interested.

Landart Landscapes

Landart LandscapesThe final garden was presented by Matt Leacy of Landart Landscapes. This garden is unique; a real labour of love for the home owner and Matt and his team. Guests were consumed by the many layers and levels in this garden. The use of natives and tropical plants give it a resort style feel. The standout was the restful pond in the backyard.

Alpine Nurseries sincerely thanks the home owners and landscape designers for offering outstanding gardens this year. The energy and commitment displayed by all leading up to and on the day was great to be a part of. Next year’s tour will be on again in Spring. It will be hard to top this year’s tour but we will try our very best!