Alpine Nurseries is proud to announce the Horticulture Class of 2018 will be graduating this September. For the last two decades, Alpine Nurseries has qualified staff with a customised, TAFE run, Certificate III course in Production Nursery. The Class of 2018 is about to become our newest graduates.

Certificate III is run on-site at the Dural and Alstonville nurseries. The course is held during work hours for an 18-month duration, tailored to Alpine Nurseries and staff. Studies include units in propagation, irrigation, plant nutrition, weed control, coordinating worksite activities, controlling stock and more.

Celebrating Diversity

The Alpine student culture is diverse, including ranges in cultural differences, backgrounds, gender and age. This September, 16 staff members will gain their Certificate III TAFE qualification. The certification grants staff the understanding of the methodology behind the work they do, whereby they can apply new knowledge to Alpine stock and nursery life.

Certificate III in Production Nursery

Our 2018 Certificate III in Production Nursery graduates

Joshua Duncan

At 22 years old, Joshua Duncan commenced working at Alpine Nurseries in Alstonville, drawn to the horticultural lifestyle and having come from a completely different industry. Two years on, Joshua is Team Leader in the Semi Mature Section and about to graduate with his Certificate III in Production Nursery.

My favourite part of the course is understanding the pest and disease side of things. I can manage and identify issues clearly now” says Duncan.

Antonio Cruz Rodriguez

A mature-aged student, Antonio Cruz Rodriguez is also graduating this September at Alstonville. Antonio has been working at Alpine Nurseries for the past ten years and has become a key member of production. Managing Director, Peter Knox says, “Antonio is trustworthy and reliable and continues to build his technical knowledge. He is an important member of our team who sets a great work example.” Despite English being his second language, Cruz Rodriguez has excelled in the TAFE course.

Bruce Wilson

Passion and purpose

Bruce Wilson, Alpine Alstonville Nursery Manager explains, “If a person has a passion for what they are doing out there and has an interest in it, we offer the course to them and help them grow with passion and purpose.

“Staff have a better understanding of nursery operations through the TAFE certification, and it makes them feel a part of the nursery itself. Our graduates are passionate about everything they do.”

Congratulations Class of 2018.