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Commercial Landscape Showcase: Foreshore Toronto

Set on the foreshore of Lake Macquarie on the New South Wales Central Coast, the Foreshore Toronto luxury residential project is a stunning example of landscaping done right.

When the Stevens Group required landscaping for their new residential apartment development on the water’s edge of Lake Macquarie, they turned to B & K Revegetation & Landscaping. The brief provided by Richard Crookes Construction was to deliver soft landscaping throughout the exterior of the high-end residential complex.

The complex itself comprises 37 units, ground-floor commercial tenancy, external terraces, and private lawns. Characterised by a high-end design featuring a spectacular entrance and thoroughfare, the Foreshore Toronto calls for landscaping to complement and enhance the beautiful design.

Over six months, B & K dressed the exteriors with mass planting, planter boxes, garden beds, mulch, shrubs and trees, edging, synthetic turf, and automatic irrigation systems. Providing 2995 plants, Alpine Nurseries were there as a collaborative partner throughout, providing the highest quality greenery and timely advice.

“Every single plant that arrived was outstanding, from the groundcover Viola Hederacea (Native Violet) to the impressive Tristaniopsis ‘Luscious’ (Watergum).” – B&K Regeneration & Landscaping.– B&K Regeneration & Landscaping

Numerous species were provided by Alpine Nurseries for the project. Some of these included Pandanus Spiralis (Screw Pine), Aloe ‘Sirius’, Banksia ‘Birthday Candles’, Viola Hederacea (Native Violet), Wisteria Sinensis (Chinese Wisteria), and the impressive Tristaniopsis ‘Luscious’ (Watergum). The Chinese Wisteria will look grand as it grows throughout the decorative timber arbour in the years to come.

There was a special consideration for the project. Unfortunately, an existing Araucaria Columnaris (Cook Pine) located on the foreshore required removal to make way for the new development. With the removal came a consent condition to replace the lone pine with six new specimens. The new pines do not disappoint and have nearly doubled in size since they were established, greatly enhancing the vista in the process.

All those involved in the project were impressed with Alpine’s ability to adapt to the varying demands of the project, spread as it was over six months with 4-week onsite periods. Despite the complexities introduced by COVID (some plants required transportation from north and south of the NSW border), a challenging schedule, and the need for some tricky species, deliveries were received on time and on budget.

Honestly, Alpine was fantastic. The team were impressive from tender period to logistics.B&K Regeneration & Landscaping

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