It’s hard these days to get our children motivated by the outdoors, which is why initiatives like this speak to us on many levels.

Being a large production nursery with high standards for quality means there are always a few plants in a batch which don’t make the cut. But now rather than mulching them, we’re donating them!

The Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust is the organisation driving the initiative which is titled ‘Community Greening’ and Alpine Nurseries has contributed a vast amount of plants which would otherwise go to waste.

The initiative has been an overwhelming success with the students, many of whom come to school early to work on the gardens before class. They also use produce from the edible garden in their cooking classes to promote healthier eating using home grown products.

Community Greening isn’t just about helping schools in need, but also lower socioeconomic areas who’re interested in establishing their own communal garden projects.

Alpine will continue their support for Community Greening into the future with the goal of getting more children outdoors and developing their interest in our industry.